Sunday, March 6, 2011

RED BOX The Curve...

Its already 3 months since our last 'Get ToGether' with Suzie a.k.a Zan Burn. She's back from Turkmenistan for a two-week holiday! She actually planned to have a small reunion with our ex-ITM frenz since the last one only 4 turned up @ITM Hotel sometime in November.  Unfortunately, one of our frenz, Zila won't be able make it for the reunion scheduled on Sunday, 6th March (which is today) so, Zan decided to meet her earlier instead at a different session together with me of coz when there's Zan there'll always be me.  Garden @The Curve was chosen as the venue for our trio dinner on Friday, 4th March since Zan is staying at Royale Bintang then its convenient for her and both myself and Zila too;-)  

"Dinner is served.."

I think she ordered Sirloin Steak..or whateva the name is but for sure its steak;-)Looks Yummy!!
The Steak Menu definitely not my choice, normally I just skip that section coz I dun like the 'beefy' taste! even if its at TGI Friday's, Victoria Station, Tony Romas or HRC ,  the decision still remain 

Huhu..the Fried Mee Siam alwizz been my choice at Garden since they took over from Empress Cafe. ermm...however, the taste just average not as delish as EC's

Zila's:  Claypot Mee 
arrrrrr...if its for me, I prefer a well-cooked egg. hehe

Double Zee..(Zan & Zil)
Hey Zila!!! Hajjah Zila (now), we didn't see each other for nearly 8 years.  
She was my 'Theatre mate' back in campus day. 
We used to get complimentary tickets from Zil's friend who happened to be one of the 
actors at Actors Studio, Plaza Putra-Dataran Merdeka (1994-1995)

just in three months our hair grow pretty fast huh! Zan: you have bangs now..LoL

Pic a bit blurry....blamed it to the waitress *thx for her shaky hands*

Ohhh..the dinner didn't just stop there, we still have room for 'DESSERT' , not from Garden we moved to a greater selection of desserts at The Apartment..

Red Velvet as gorgeous as ever...mwuahhhh!

Dinner done, Dessert finished...."the night is still young people, maybe something to jazz up our nite out...a'ha, we come...!"

Aaaarrrrghhh....more & more food??!!  fruits still acceptable & nothing else:-(

A duet song as a warm up song;-) huhu

Go..Zan, Go Zil...hahaha *feel habis* Nice voice you two! I'm just the back-up singer & photographer *wink*

Three pitstops in one night, fuyoooo..It was a 'bloated FLyDay'.  Zan & her other frenz then proceed to Laundry for another drink session, Gosh! no way...I decided to call it a night.  Both  Zil & I,  we're just too full to move, to walk, to talk but luckily we still fit to drive back;-)  Thanks a mil to Zan for the lovely treats. Great nite out Ladies!!

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