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Borneo..Sabah & Sarawak always been my two favourite domestic destinations since 'Yellow Telco' days and so many fond memories. The beautiful islands off Semporna where the Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsy) Tribe built their houses on water (floating village) while the Rungus Tribe live in their traditional longhouse in Kudat.  Memang betul-betul 'Malaysia Truly Asia' great moment & it was really the experience of a lifetime!!

As for last week short trip to KK nothing much to share coz its just for 2D1N stay and it's purely biz trip for HIM and "Jalan-Jalan Sorang" for me. Nway, it's been more than 2years since my last visit to KK and the main objective to go to 1Borneo Hypermall coz my previous amazing KK crusade was months before it officially opened in 2008.  There's a FREE shuttle service from Warisan Square to 1Borneo - daily n every hour.  All you have to do is to register your name and hotel details including room no. at the counter then you can board the shuttle to 1Borneo...

limited to 20pax...

every 1hour from Warisan Square to 1Borneo vv..

About 30-35 mins from Warisan Square (town) but that was during smooth traffic if not maybe 45mins or so. It's considered far and if you take a cab to 1Borneo it will simply cost you RM30 one way that means RM60 return..fuhhh! From there to the airport will cost double which is RM60 one way. Thumbs up to 1Borneo for providing a FREE Shuttle service and a reliable one for the customers!

If you asked me about the entire Hypermall,  its pretty big, lotsa brand name shops,f&b outlets, Spa centres etc & it also linked to Novotel 1Borneo...not bad at all!! Being the largest mall in Sabah, its absolutely D'Best compared to other shopping malls in KK town.

Basically, that's all I did on the 2nd day "Jalan-Jalan Sorang" before I checked out and shoot off to the airport, so takde la banyak snapshots;-) Oh yeah..btw, I gotta book that I wanted..COMMITTED by Liz Gilbert.
Follow-up to Eat, Pray, Love....

Carik dekat Bangsar Shopping Centre asyik sold out je akhirnya dapat jugak nun jauh @Times, 1Borneo. Janji puashati dapat buku yang dicari selama ni even @Borders Auckland hari tu ada cuma harga dia 2x ganda bila convert from NZD to MYR, might as well beli kat Malaysia kan untuk benda yang sama pun.

Tapi sebenar-benarnyalahkan, setiap kali menjejakkan kaki ke Kota Kinabalu, Sabah mesti teringat semua kenangan-kenangan manis 2-3 tahun dahulu ketika sebok terbang ke KK, Tawau, Kudat for work mostly, ada jugak leisure with my bff termasuklah ke Kota Belud walaupun hanya di kaki gunung kinabalu je, biasala *adventurous activity selalunya memang I tak join pun* I did not participate in the diving & snorkeling excursion to Mabul arranged for the management team, maklumla takut 'tinted' kan;-)  Rugi? Hmmm..yeah to those yang minat memang akan rasa rugi but I'm cool without it *smiley* Just enjoying the seaview from the water chalet and the boat ride to Omadal Island, Perkampungan Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsy Village). It was an indescribable natural & unique!

Flashback moment- not so long ago, back in year 2007 recce & events in Kudat & Semporna!

 Twin otter-the smallest aircraft I've ever been on..

serba serbi kecik..pintu masuk kecik, baggage compartment pun tak brapa nak besar..
macam dalam bus mini.. hahaha

'sky sightseeing' -  yup! that's the Tip of Borneo..
located in the district of Kudat

The LongHouse...

 The Rungus children performing their cultural cute!!!

 Sweet memories...

The Bajau Laut floating village @Semporna....

The Bajau Laut kids - shower time!! *they do not have toilets kay..mmmm*

welcome gestures from the 'ketua kampung' the 'Yellow telco" group!
masakan yang amat berbeza...'fear factor' food for me:-(

... invaluable experience!

Sudah-sudahla tu kan dengan Borneo post ni, next entry "TERIMA KASIH CINTA musical theater"..soonest! Errrmm.. went for TKC on Tuesday & today is already Thursday, as usual delayed entry ^;^

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