Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Oh Happy..! Happy day...!
Firstly, I've got the  booking confirmation for my tickets for the following (Women:100 Hours of  Performing Art): 

** Booked 2 tickets for Friday nite, 25th March...

The life and journey, trials and tribulations of Women as told and seen through the fabulous eyes of Shelah and her friends of brilliantly funny, gorgeous and talented drag queen friends.

Director: Edwin Sumun (e'hmm...a familiar name) he used to be the MC for our comms project & yellow HQ events last time)

Yezzz!  Lady Swettenham @ Carcosa Sri Negara:-))) Can't wait to watch this....

Booked for the show on 31st March...
This is a drama with many light moments about the little known manic depressive wife of Sir Frank Swettenham, best known as Resident of Selangor in later 1800s. Starring the critically acclaimed actress and playwright, Sabera Shaik.

Director: Tage Larsen (click)

A Big Thank You to KAKISENI (^;^)  Only 69 hours remaining of performing arts, hurry up go grab your seats now!!!!  Owhh...if you wanna know What's Showing?? Just log on to

Then minutes later, I received a 'special' invitation thru email for this Saturday...YIPPIE, I'm so excited!! Relaxx peeps, will share details soon kay. Tungguuuuuuu....jeng jeng:-))))

Besides these two...guess what! I almost received the book that I ordered from MPH.  The courier co.  left a note in my my mailbox:   

"Sorry!! While you were away...
we were here on 16/3 (date) 3:45 pm (time) 
to deliver a parcel...
shipper:  MPH Bookstore PJ. 

I was like WHATTT???? I was at home the whole morning & afternoon..The door bell is not working, its out of order!!! *sigh* Oh come on! "the doctor is already outside my house.." *grrrrrrrr...*  Hmm..will have to call them first thing in the morning tomorrow for a 2nd delivery.  GDEX I'm counting on you!

SMILE...still a happy day for me;-)


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