Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Celebrities Club @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

Grand Chandelier at the entrance...

Its also called Celebrities Hall of Music, a new stage (considered new coz they just opened in April last year)  for an urban performing arts with lounge & restaurant concept.   A very cozy interior with multi-levelled semi-circle booth seats and tiny round tables...I just luv the 'Jazzy' touch, absolutely a stunning Club! Btw, it's owned by our Malaysian R&B Queen, Ning Baizura, she definitely has an impeccable taste in opening such a classy Club like this. 

 The Eve of Adam show last Shelah's Drag Army

That's 'SHELAH' Edwin Sumun's stage name.  1st time seeing him as a drag queen, berkebaya konsep batik 1Malaysia lagi with matching shoes (ala tak nampak).  Lawak 18sx skit la...bila dia nyanyi suara not bad sedap gak but then got distracted by his next sexy outfit ...hahaha

Guess what?! Just before the show, dalam sibuk2 mencari spot menarik nak duduk & my hubs decided to sit kat atas-atas (dia takut kena tarik atas pentas hahaha tak sporting betul) tetiba bump into my friend from the Yellow telco, the jovial Shireen Koh, she & the whole Yellowans gang (tapi I tak brapa kenal).  So she joined us and 'dumped' her friends..ahaks!.  It was nice to see her again after more than 2yrs...catchin' up on the Yellow HQ stories.  The show...Okayla, entertaining and  humorous.

There'll be another show "Muzik Ku: Muzik Mu" (Women:100) at Celebrities Club next week & also tonite.  More info just click here.  I've already booked mine for 1st April *wink* See yeah!  Just incase you guyz wanna know where and lazy to google's the details:

Celebrities Club 
SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara, 
Tel:  03-62040969
*Landmark:  Behind DiGi Centre & Canon Concept Centre (Corner lot)*

No photos of me??? Eh...mana bleh misti ada punya!! But then my photos with Shireen in her cam, will have to wait for her to upload on fb and tag me.  

Suddenly it was windy macam photoshoot plak..imitating Kim K pose la konon.. mwuahaha perasan;-) again, now I realized most of my clothes are black & most of us do...cuba check! could that be I luv PINK so much, other colours too and yet BLACK beats em' all! 
Time to revamp my wardrobe...tapi  yang jadi 'display' tak pernah pakai pun ada,  adusss...
including this one in the pic, bought in Singapore a few years back but just wore it once. *terlupa*

 Alrite better stop right heayh and switch off the lights for Earth Hour, at 8:30pm, tonite...!

p.s: al-maklum gambar kurang memuaskan coz pakai camera phone..hmmphhh


Anonymous said...

what is the web address of The Celebrities Club???? I hope they do have one

Posh said...

Nope...dun think so.

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