Sunday, March 13, 2011

MPH Online...

A brief telecon between me & MPH staff (Subang Parade) this morning:

ME:        Can I just check with you, whether you still have stock for a copy of
                "A Doctor In  The House"..?

MPH:     Oo..sorry mam, its already SOLD OUT! Out of Stock at the moment.

ME:        You mean at all MPH stores in Klang Valley?

MPH:     I'm afraid yes. Ermmm..the outlet at Crown Plaza Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail
                might have some copies you can try to call them.
                (at this point I was thinking about the traffic & parking to Jalan Sultan Ismail..
                bla..bla..time to opt for hassle free buying method)

ME:        How about  thru MPH Online? Do you think they still have copies?

MPH:     A’aa. "??" .I’m not sure about that.


So, this is all about the hottest book in town which was launched on Tuesday, 8th March 2011 at MPH MidValley.  "A Doctor In The House" :  Memoirs of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad....

Hmmm..too bad I missed the book signing session!
For Tun M's autograph I dun mind queueing up for hours...:-(
*pic taken fr The Jakarta Globe website*

Hope to get my copy within 3-5 working days .....please, please MPH do not revert and tell me its out of stock coz the online order was successful:

p.s: note to self & lesson to learn..Do not procrastinate even in buying a book that you wanted:-((((((


suryati said...

not sure u still remember me or not, su, used to work with abg.shah...

btw, in case of tak dpt frm MPH, dekat Popular Empire ada (as per yest lar), then tak pun Borders at Sunway Giza.

Posh Alert said...

Hey Su! of coz r u? long time no see:-)

TQVM for the info so thotful of you, appreciate it much. Haihh! me too obsessed with MPH sampai ignoring the rest of the bookstores ^-^. Btw, MPH just confirmed my order this morning.

Thx again Su for dropping by..Have a great day ahead kay!

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