Friday, March 18, 2011

Cry for Japan...

Today - Friday 18th March, exactly ONE WEEK after the massive earthquake & devastating tsunami in Japan.

Honestly, every time I watch the news and the updates I always have this word lingering in mind "What if"  Yeah! What if it happened here in our homeland , to our loved ones..oh dear, just can't imagine! *moga kita dijauhkan dari bencana sedemikian-Amin* and flipping through these photos on the star online really touched my heart...

March 18th: A man cries with joy as he is reunited with his cousin at a shelter and 
he was told that all his family are safe
*when I saw this pic, it reminds me of my dear grandpa who's living alone in AS:-(*

March 18th:  Chieko Kawasaki, 60, discovers one of her Chinese dishes near her Japanese restaurant...
*there's no sign of a restaurant anymore..nothing but wreckage*

March 18th: Japanese refugees eat soup at a shelter
*again, I just can't see old people in this situation....sad*

March 16th:  snowfalls over the debris in Sendai, northern Japan...
*one after another...rescue team battle with the snow & cold* 

 March 17th:  at the port in Sendai

 March 14thA man cycles by a ship at Hachinohe, Aomori prefacture..
*with no exception even a huge vessel as this*

Actually on the day when Tsunami hits Japan and it was all over the news CNN, BBC, local news, you name it & CCTV (509 the channel that I've never tuned in before this) we were all worried about my bro, Nicko & his sailing situation.  Frantically panicking when I saw the 'footnote' on the TV screen "Keadaan laut Sabah & Sarawak bergelora"....fuhh that his route! memang teramat mencemaskan and even more we were unable to contact him at that time, errmmm.. mulalah fikir yang bukan-bukan.   Alhamdulillah....the next day we got a call from him and nothing to worry about, there was no impact on the South China Sea. Luckily, he wasn't in Chiba and not sailing to Japan this year, hopefully! *Sentiasa berdoa agar dia sentiasa dilindungi dan selamat dalam pelayaran*

Let's pray for the people in Japan:-(


March 18th:  Caskets are placed at a mortuary in Rifucho, northern Japan
a week after the earthquake & tsunami...

huge number of people still missing.....Our prayers are with you, JAPAN!!!

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