Sunday, February 27, 2011


In case you're wondering where in the world Jessleton is ?! It's the old name for Kota Kinabalu!  Where to in KK? Besides the beautiful beaches they're quite a number of shopping malls in KK town,the latest one is Suria Sabah and of coz happening Nightlife too here! Will come to that later;-)

I'm not going to elaborate in detail on the malls, since I think we are open for more choices in KL except a few years back, the first Charles & Keith outlet was 1st opened and only available in KK. Surprised?! A'ha The Charles & Keith,Singapore brand..actually, my ex-colleague who's a Sabahan kinda introduced me to this particular brand and she even offered me to use her member's card to get 10% discount. So that's a bit of 'history' of my first red C&K wedges. Since then I'm a big fan of Charles & Keith shoes & handbags. All the way to Singapore just to grab the latest collection. Good quality, gorgeous design at an affordable price. Now, C&Ks already in TOWN at Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley & 1Utama.

Alrite, back to my KK 'pitstop'...We had dinner at Jessleton Point not the usual spot at Waterfront which I personally think this is much better and cool 'Makan Place'.

*pix taken by HTC - disappointing results worst then BB*

What to eat..from which stall???! Your choice..

warm n breezy nite...
*pic credit to: Mohd Boboy *not Boboy my bro ye*

 Nasi Goreng 1Malaysia (1M Fried Rice) from 'Restoran 1Malaysia'...

& Kichaiping *famous drink in KK* 
nothing special or unusual just 
*Air limau + Asam boy*

Hmmm.. I didn't order anything and end up only having a glass of Ice Barley. not because of the place of coz not, its a nice place with variety choices, many stalls and also a 'Nasi Padang' Restaurant. Just no appetite to eat after about 2 1/2-hour flight sitting on the same row with a boy (I think he's 6 or 7 yrs old accompanied by his mom, dad & other sibblings)  who happened to have a bad "Air Sickness" from takeoff to landing. Gosh! Its a horrible experience, really my first time ever seeing a person using almost 12 sickness bags during the whole flight. Huhhh..lucky he's not sitting next to me and I was still way far from him.  Its just not my lucky day & its the 'longest' flight ever due to the very uncomfy ambiance!bluekkk:-(

Whateva it is we had a pleasant night & chill out at D'Junction with Live Music..Cheers^;^ 

Isn't this nice?!! Look at the view...even its just at the back of a market place.  Yup, the famous Filipino Market.

Oh dear..Fishing under the hot burnin' sun! Kesian:-(

Dried Prawn, Anchovies, Dried Fish, Dried Squid..all very CHEAP!

Not only these dried stuff but also handicraft, souvenirs, T-shirts etc available here. Filipino Market, definitely a must see place for tourist visiting KK.

Gotta stop right here, to be continued in my next entry;-)

Nite nite!

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