Monday, April 18, 2011

The Roommate - Nuffnang Premiere Screening

Most of us hate Monday don't we? I used to hate Mondays too...Monday blues, "Black Monday" or even "Horror Monday" been there, done that ^-^.  Usually, the weekends seem too short and the weekdays are 100x longer.  Watching a movie on a Monday night can be considered as a Monday Stress Buster....Way the go Nuffnang!  A perfect day for the Premiere screening of The Rommate...

Again some lucky Nuffnangers (60 to be exact) get rewarded for their creative comments here and me too hikks;-)  Wah....kalau setiap kali movie baru keluar kita dapat premiere invites syok jugak! Terima kasih Nuffnang kerana memilih komen saya antara yang kreatif ..yer ke kreatif uols?? bacala..hahaha me being a 'Horror Movie Freak'....

SCREAM 4 last week was full of suspense boleh lemah jantung dibuatnya! SCREAM is actually back again after 10 years since the last film...Wow! Unfortunately, I had never seen the previous SCREAM (1,2 or 3) before so can't compare or review much on it.

Lets watch The Roommate it thrilling & terrifying enough?

Errmm..I guess its quite similar to the1992 American thriller, Single White Female.. huh? Whateva it is kenala tengok movie ni dulu baru tau best ke tak kan!

Okie dokie...See ya tonite Lucky Nuffnangers, 9pm @ GSC 1Utama!

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