Monday, April 11, 2011


Remember my short post on Liyana Fizi?Yeah the indie singer!  Ana Raffali & her famous annoying song "Tolong Ingatkan Aku" was also an indie singer before arrrrrrrghhh...why do I have to mention her name here *sorry no offence to all her fans out there* she's just not my cup of tea.  But still, she won a couple of huge recognitions from the music industry, Juara Lagu Muzik-Muzik & recently ABPBH (Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian). One person like me who rejected her song really does not affect anything at all.

There are loads of indie band/singers out there performing live at Gigs, Clubs, Cafes, Events etc and Liyana Fizi is one of the bunch.  Apparently she's not alone that night she was performing with one of her Estrella's member (Estrella, her band group)..

I dunno what's the guy's name....

this type of songs a.k.a  sleepy 'genre' hmm...only my bro, Boboy je yang boleh layan  & kenal mereka ni
lagipun Liyana used to perform at his fav lepaq spot,  Laundry, The Curve
 We all bertiga tunggu bila la nak habis...*sigh*

The Audience and crowd considered not so encouraging at the Celebrities Club on that particular Friday (1.4.11) night if I were to compare the crowd with Shelah's Drag Army a week before. I believe Liyana has her fans and followers too but I think she's not 'there' yet, I mean in terms of fame or popularity even among indie fans. Who knows..maybe one day she will be as famous as Yuna!.  She's a sweet girl, good voice and pretty cool songs too but maybe lack of versatile in the melody. I'm no expert in making music but enjoy listening to it and appreciate the beautiful lyrics & melody soothing to the ears.  

Melina William performed earlier with Sharon & Zalila Lee (to find out more click here ) Honestly, I don't even know who is Melina William or even her band, Tempered Mental and again Boboy sorang je yang kenal her band  hahaha...

selama 30mins performance asyik tunduk je dahla rambut menutup separuh wajah...ermmm
If you ask me, lagu-lagu dia forgettable & plain boring....

Zalila Lee...oops tak nampak muka dia

& Sharon...she looks like the wonder gals ;-)

That's about it on 'Women:100'...Coolest project ever by Kakiseni & thx much for the complimentary tix!!

I slept till late afternoon today, just too tired after the super busy media week and the weekend 'emergency balik kampung'..fuhh! Alhamdulillah, Gramps is fine now & recovering, biasalah bila orang tua sakit memang akan mempanickan semua orang:-(

Busy week continues...'Work from Home' or 'Work@Home' undoubtedly has more advantage in terms of flexi working hours but there are days when you really feel like you're actually working  9:00 to 5:00pm especially when you're in front of the lappy from morning till evening sending emails and calling here n there. Okay! I shouldn't complain when there's work to do coz I also complain when there's nothing to do. Must always be grateful with what we have and luv what we do best!


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