Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lepaq @Bangsar....

Sis G is back in town for a 2-week hols, our last "Tanglin Bangsar Nasi Lemak" session was about 8months ago. Amazing how fast time flies huhh!!!  Last nite was the Banana Leaf moment @Nirwana Bangsar with our old gang, the Comms Babes + a gentleman of coz as you can see in the pic below or maybe I should say the "Yellowans Team" (since all 5 of them still there) & obviously the three of us Sis G, Baze & me are the "X-Yellowans!"
from left to right:  Sis G, Baze, Frank, me, Yean Nie, Azlyn & Adleen (Lyn & Leen)
they also get confused whenever I call them "Lyn or Leen" both will pandang hahaha)
 the place was crowded, people were in & out non stop... 1Malaysia  customers oohh including matsaleh too;-)
I guess almost everyone in Malaya luv mamak food more than anything rite?!
However, Banana Leaf rice not really my fav coz for me its too much of curry powder in everybit of the dish...
the 'curryness' is just too strong to handle;-)

finally, this is Bee Yoke siting in front of Adleen...masing2 muka HAPPY!!!! 
macam2 cerita kluar teka teki pun ada biasalah siapa lagi kalau tak  Cik Baze..
tho Sis G already declared T_T  (Teka-Teki) free zone hahaha

Nway, it's been a long time since our last 'Chat & Makan' session...especially me & my x-Comms Team...

My farewell lunch @ Eat Workshop, Glenmarie in Feb, 2009
except for 1 or two peeps (excluding me & Sis G) the rest still in the same team till present

It was a nice ketawa & lepaq session ever guyz...XOXO 

p.s: hope to see Sis G again before she goes back to OZ next Thurs!

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