Friday, April 15, 2011

KFC a.m..Cheezy Egg Bun Combo

Goooood Morning everyone.....!!!! What's for breakkie?? bout something Cheezy

Look at the melted cheese top...yummy!!!

KFC a.m. VS McD breakfast, I go for Cheezy Egg Bun Combo at the same price Only RM4 with different satisfaction huhu.  Also comes with a choice of Coffee, Tea, Teh Tarik 'Kaw', Hot Milo or Orange Juice. 

It tastes like McEgg w Xtra Cheez (the old one not the McEgg Muffin..hates the bun its too dry)

Hey, you still have 12 mins before 11a.m. for the Cool KFC breakkie..Hurry now!!! Or else just wait till tomorrow, its starts at 4 a.m. ^;^


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