Friday, April 29, 2011

iPad 2


iPad 2 in da house!!!! Yup its available in Malaysia and officially launched today on April 29, 2011 at all Machines store except the Garden's outlet *READ* The price is slightly cheaper in Malaysia compared to the US and other countries. Thanks to better currency exchange I suppose!  Anyway you may check out the price *HERE* I've done enough of the conversion, postal service bla..bla..bla..errmm best to get it from Malaya, yez...Today!!! Btw, thanks to my dear fren Maria for the info *her fb message all the way from the States on iPad Malaysia launching* Oopss..seriously I didn't know till she told me last night * Ignorant me, should do more readings on the latest gadget news*

However, its not as easy as you think it is, just choose, pick & freakin' way!

A'ha! you gotta queue up for the longest time to reach to this board *sigh*

Among the 'early birds' when we reached there @ 7am! 
Wonder what time do they leave the house or maybe..??ermm...perhaps since last nite!

@9am...the queue getting closer to the store but its still closed!

Each & everyone of us who has started queueing up since morning (god knows what time they came) at about 10am they gave us this small card indicating which  iPad  you wanna purchase, e.g. 16GB WiFi - White or 32GB WiFi & 3G - Black etc etc (before that we've already registered our names  on an A4 paper and also stated which iPad we want, btw only those with names on the list will get the card). The late comers will have to wait, the early birds will get the 1st priority! Note to us from Machines staff:  "Please be reminded, once you get the card with the iPad type & colour there's no way for you to can change it anymore!"  Once & for all just make your final decision.

after 3hrs..thats the 'furthest' we've got...

@12 noon...The queue getting worst n worst...*people were lining up in front of Haagen Dazs, Jusco*
of coz  the outlet  operators were not very happy with that, what happen NEXT...

okay...everybody please follow the queue...*they were following the guard* pity them they have to line up outside without the luxury of the "air-conditioned mall"
Mgmt & Security reason:  blocking customers way to go in&out of the shops/outlets, lift & escalator...
 Good Luck guyz...!!!

Finally, after about 5 hours of queue-ing up 'session' @ Sunway Pyramid...

"Ms. Whitey"  is officially MINE... OK la Worth the Waiting & "Beratur-ing";-)

Too tired to open it...!!!  As I've watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate, what I really need now is to get some sleep and a good rest. 

I'm calling it a night!! Nighty night peeps!

p.s: before this adalah suruh a few of  my dear galfrenz tolong belikan iPad 2 ni kat US,OZ but out of stock, rupa-rupanya rezeki ada di sini. Walaupunnnnn...Penatzzz! Pikir-pikir  balik *kiasu* nya diri ini sanggup beratur selama berjam-jam sebab benda cenonit ni *haihhh*

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