Tuesday, April 19, 2011

luv hair wig....

My order just arrived....

What is it this time??? book, dress or handbag no..no......(looking at the title can already guess)

Colour:  Light Brown 
Length: longer than my original hair of coz ;-)     
Style/Type:  Natural spiral curl 
Comment:  Very satisfied with the quality & price!!!  
Other details like 'a pic of me wearing it' later kay, gotta wait for the right occasion  ^;^  As for now, you may check out their stunning collection here



K.R Paranga said...

Hello! Im Ken
I found you on one of my followers blog. So I decided too to invite you to visit and Follow my blog=)
I just want to make friends by Blogging. So dont forget to follow me.hehehe.Nice meeting you! and I hope that we can socialize by commenting and following each other...hehe O=) see ya around.

Posh Alert said...

ok will do. Thanks for dropping by!

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