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Lady Swettenham...

"Swettenham" does it sounds familiar?  How bout Port Swettenham? Can you recall where is it? Or may be Swettenham Pier? Oh come on people..a bit of Malaya History  here ;-)   Okay, nevermind I dun want anybody to feel stress reading my blog and wondering what in the world is 'she mumbling' about. Yeah.. fully  understand it's been ages since your last History class or even flipping through the school history book and may not know how does it look like anymore.  Same here, but now 'Google' has it all without having to have the physical book in front of you.  

Port Swettenham - now Port Klang or Pelabuhan Klang was named after Frank Swettenham.  As well as the Swettenham Pier, Goergetown in Penang with more than 100 years history (of coz with major expansion in the recent years).  The Penangites should know better....^-^

Sir Frank Athelstane Swettenham, the first Resident General of Malay States in the 18th century and Lady Swettenham or Connie was his wife. 

A classic oil-painting potrait of him but couldn't find any photos of  his wife, Lady Swettenham...

May not be as famous as Stamford Raffles Statue in Singapore but still....

A statue of Frank Swettenham within the compound of Muzium Negara....*when was your last visit?*
Hmm..I know decades ago during school trip "Rombongan Sambil Belajar" kan ;-)

A talented & well known theatre figure, Sabera Shaik as Lady Swettenham in this historic monologue (a dramatic solo performance in which a single actor speaks alone).  She acted flawlessly during the amazing 50minutes show.  She moved from one character to another smoothly, the change of voice & gestures, one minute she was her brother Cecil,  the next she was Lady Swettenham in her teen, then Kassim the Malay helper, etc..etc...and back to the old depressed Lady again.   That was superb!  We the audience could feel & imagine all the people, the sadness, the pressure of being away from her family in England & her depressive episodes in her life.  

A big round of applause for Sabera Shaik!

Sabera Shaik in action.... SHE NAILED IT!!
Masakini Theatre Co SB *click*  is her own theatre company

This show was held at the same mansion which was built as the official residence of Sir Frank Swettenham in late 18th century and was named by him as Carcosa .....

I luv this pic, we took this photo during 'Senja' at Carcosa on  Thurs, 31.3.2011
right before we had drinks & food at the verandah...

the ambiance, dim lighting ...complement each other

Many thanks to Kakiseni Women:100 *2 thumbs up*

There are two mansions or bungalows there, the other one is Seri Negara or originally named as The King's house .  Today, anyone can always drop by both at Carcosa Seri Negara to have a cup of tea, fine dining or even check-in there!  You can check-out the rates of this luxury hotel located at Lake Garden & photos of the Victorian style room here.

"History teaches everything including the future.."


History & Science, between the two subjects in school I luv History more!!! It's so interesting till I can easily memorize the years bla..bla...errrr that was THEN with my fresh young mind of coz.  NOW,  Google simplify everything *muaahhhhhhhh*

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