Friday, May 21, 2010

Knock Knock...

Yessss! Booked & Collected Shrek Forever After tickets for the weekend. This time around a "full  quorum".  Just finished helping MH packing for his 2-day 'Treasure Hunt' around KL. It will be a peaceful night for me without the snoring attack;-) Ridiculously loud these days...hmmm

Hey, remember the photos from Marissa Preloved online shopping collections in my previous post, at last I put in my order today. Yes, I'm so excited, hopefully the high waist mini dress still available. I also ordered a striped blouse (from her new album) the model looks elegant on it and its only RM28...under price isn't it?  However, the palazzo pants that Lolls really like is already Out of Stock..too bad!

Okie dokie...till the next update on "Shreky", off to bed now *yawn*

guess what, we were laughing like mad seeing our old photos from the unorganized "archive". Fuhh...Can't  never imagine myself in the 'awkward' outfit & hairdo ever again, I look so ugly...uwaaaaaaaa:-(:-(

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