Friday, May 28, 2010


It's a Public Holiday=Wesak Day.  No different for me since everyday is a holiday to me...woman at leisure yeah right!!! Time for BBQ at Casamadre, first time ever here till the rain pouring heavily as a welcoming gesture I suppose.  Hmmm...our Portuguese neighbour also BBQ-ing"..what a coincidence.  Btw our favourite Suri Cruise- look-alike still in the States for the past 3 weeks.  Vacant houses front, back left and right.  Privacy secured;-)

Since this is our first BBQ here, so the menu gotta be a bit different from the usual at Ara. Stingray, burger & cheezy hotdogs were in the menu list plus the non-alcohol wine, double dutch and Silverbird cake as desert. Today's theme is "Jersey Jazzy" Promoting Nicko's very own jersey biz hahaha..As for me exceptional coz I'm not a big fan of football and I dun wear oversize Tee.  Mine was the ITALIA t-shirt bought 4 years ago when Italy won the World Cup...go go go!!!

Time to light up the charcoal, that would be MH & Boboy's part.  Pretty tough without the starter oil or whatsoever and a proper fan...definitely lacking of props.  Please..please list down those BBQ items in the Shopping List as top priority.

Okay now my style of cooking or food prep..JUST GOOGLE the recipe.  Really helpful and always successful I must admit.  Like today, I marinated the chicken by myself (that's my personal achievement) and also the stingray (not bad at all for a first timer) preparing the "Air Asam" too.  Thanks to somebody's blog on this can't remember the name of the blog.  No offence just concentrated on the ingredients.

The weather was just lovely, raining for about 2 hours, windy and breezy.  The BBQ smoke, the aroma kinda battling between ours and the neighbour I guess making the others envy.  Sorry it's a private party...but we did pack some chickens for the guards.  Let them have some good food for dinner.

So much food, fizzy drinks, deserts "Alhamdullillah"...TGIF @ our  home sweet home;-)

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