Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sundae 'w' Shrek...

We're stuffed with Hot dogs, 1/2 dozen of Curry Puff, IKEA ice-cream, MCD Sundae Strawberry &  Chocolate..Peanut Butter & Kaya Waffle just before the movie!!!

Only a few left for the pix..

Justlife (specializes in skincare, spa and health food products that are organic and natural) is having a "Go Green" campaign @ IKANO and it's Body Paint !!! Very catchy promo indeed..

Come on draw a ribbon...that's pretty easy

Giving my support to Green Ribbon..

 The products..didn't even notice their outlet if not because of this promo...

As usual, a bit of review on the movie, Shrek Forever After was really hilarious. Yo, Parents!  Move it..Move it...bring your kids.  It's a movie not to be missed by anyone, not only children but also parents, couples, teenagers basically for all ages!!!!! Provided you have the COOL attitude and CHILL mind:-) The character I like the most "PUSS in BOOTs"  (Antonio Banderas) the fatty version, he's so cute and adorable with the slang and his dialog: "Feed Me If you Dare..." hahahaaa  Shrek (Mike Myers) & Fiona (Cameron Diaz), their triplets..Farkle, Fergus & Felicia, Donkey (Eddie Murphy), Gingy, Rumplestilskin and FiFi the swan.  All those characters really have a great 'impact'.

Shrek is the BEST till the Final Chapter! 

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