Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Ties...

Blast from the Past...back to the 80's, among the famous sitcoms were the ABOVE and...
  • The Growing Pains, 
  • The Jeffersons, 
  • The Cosby Show, 
  • The Facts of Life, 
  • Eight is Enough 
The serial:
  • The A-Team, 
  • CHiPs, 
  • Starsky & Hutch, 
  • Blue Thunder, 
  • Knight Rider, 
  • Beverly Hills 90210,  
Besides that, the notable character of Blake Carrington in Dynasty,  JR Ewing in Dallas, Flamingo Road & Knots Landing.  Gosh!! so many evergreen TV programs still be missed and fresh in our mind but provided we're in the same era! It might not work for those who were born in the 80's like my younger brothers & sisters. They've no CLUE at all...Except Knight Rider, Incredible Hulk since they have the remake  including The A-Team which will be screening soon on Cinemas.

My favourite cartoons were Smurf, Jem, She-Ra, He-Man, The Flintstones & Captain Caveman. Not only that also the favourite snacks like Chickadees, Sumi Jelly, Nini, Sugus, Kandos, that's all I can think off right now.  Such a sweetest memory..indeed.

Actually, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic this week, from the sitcoms, cartoons, snacks to the 32yr old photos that I found in  my own "archive".  It was my 4th birthday celebration with my late Mama & Tok Mummy (Omi) in 1978 (I saw the 4 year candle on the cake..haha *there's no date printed on the pix those days*

Mama, Me, Big Bro & Papa...Our family in the 70's

Mama's best friends..
on her left, she's now residing in France and on her right  in Australia...

My 4th Birthday- a combined birthday with my Big Bro but i guess the 2 kiddos hijacked my place;-)
*inset -My late Tok Mummy in Polka Dots*

with Mama's friends & their kids..

We never imagined who we will be or what's gonna happen when we're 4yrs old during the innocence years. Those were definitely the happiest moments of all time, problem free..children are like pieces of white cloth.     

In the late 80's the number of siblings in our family has grown to 5 consisting of  Big Bro, Me, Nicko, Boboy & Lolls. We have a very close relationship between the 4 of us ever since Mama passed away 3 years ago, and it really thought us the meaning of "Family" especially Myself.  I do have my regrets towards my responsibility as a daughter.  I failed to express my love & care during her living days.  There's no Mother-Daughter bonding as much.  The guilt is always there in me. 

Pause!!!!  Just received a call from gramps while typing this blog, as usual updates on his routines and the relatives' stories domestically & also "overseas". Honestly, most of them didn't even notice his existence just because he's old or too far in the North.  Hmm.. I dunno, that's people.  We tend to forget those who are not in front of  our eyes.  Sometimes we only realize the person is still around when we received a text or phone call that he or she is critically ill or just passed away.  That's very sad but indeed very true nowadays.

That's life! I'm writing this not to point fingers to anyone either related to me or otherwise. Just a reminder to myself and to my younger siblings to always be with each other even you're married and having your own family and in-laws to take care off. Never ever abandoned your loved ones, parents and  siblings.  Its sounded easy to put it on paper but sometimes hard to apply it in real life.  No matter who you're married to or who you're's all begin in YOU and depends on yourself! 

Anyway, I will try to dig out  the old photo of all of us from the "archive" and will scan and upload it soonest as my own Family Ties classic pix;-) Hopefully can find the best ONE.

"Blood is thicker than Water"

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