Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bon Voyage...

Wednesday, 5.5.2010...Its 'D' Day!! Sis G is going off to OZ for good. Not on Monday as i mentioned in my earlier post. Sorry, got the day wrong;-) Bz & me planned to surprise her @ KLIA before she flies off. But it seems like she knows and she did ask bz "are you coming??

There goes our surprise, bz then told her that she'll meet her at the airport around 7nish. But at least bz didn't tell her yet that i'm coming with her. Still a little bit of surprise there..
While waiting for her @ Cafe Marche having coke & latte, bz 'entertained' me with her "Koleksi Teka Teki" and here's some that i can recall:-

(Malay version)

1. Kereta apa yang kita tak boleh potong dan memang dia akan sentiasa menang..?
Jawapannya: JUARA

Ada satu 'orchard' not orchard Singapore okay!, Kebun ni terbakar, ada 3 buah yang tak terbakar?
Jawapannya: Pisang Emas dibawa belayar, buah keranji di dalam perahu & buah cempedak di luar pagar

3. Mula mula smart lepas tu bodoh....???
Jawapannya: Smart Tac

Actually there are a few more but can't remember the complete story (must get the fact right, though the answers are very 'der'...)

By the time Sis G arrived at about 8:45pm, bz has already covered all the "Teka-Teki", FUHHH!!! Sis G kinda felt that i'll be there too. So it wasn't a surprise "Surprise" to her. Yeah..Sisters Forever. She looks tired but still gorgeous as ever.

Snap a few pix with her @ Marche & the departure gate,...the sad moments began....

not gonna be the same....

she's too far for 'teh tarik' or jom chawan...

Who's going actually...???

Hey, Ms. whitey was parked inside the Departure Level...VVIP treatment*wink**wink*

BGA twin sister

looks very familiar...

Left KLIA at about 10pm and headed straight to Darussalam, SS15 for dinner and also to meet MH there. After the meal, yezz...its MH turned for a "TEKA-TEKI" session. He really enjoyed it!!!! BZ&MH=BFF. It was fun, we had a good laugh though deep inside we're still sad:-(

Love B&G always.....big Hugs N Kisses!!!!

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