Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Krueger, Wendy's Nite...

It's Wednesday! our usual movie nite out...1st because of the ticket price RM6-7 and 2nd the "Sneak Preview" of a new movie before its formal release the next day usually midnight show at a normal ticket rate of RM10.  Our choice of the night is my all time favourite... "A Nightmare on Elm Street : Freddie Krueger". 

Since morning we were talking about Wendy's..Wendy's..& Wendy's..So Wendy's it is for dinner:
Let the photos speak for themselves...

The cozy outlet next to Porto Romano, Mont Kiara 
Variety Combo Meals + 99c burger 

The Grilled Chicken Combo - MH's choice

 My Single Combo Beef...Lols too

Shrimp Burger..Boboy's choice


@The Curve...while waiting 

Briefly, my review on Elm Street...Freddy Krueger still a horrifying character as ever though personally, i  prefer Robert Englund the forever known Freddie Krueger since the 80's.  Yes, scary and lots of suspenseful scenes. For a horror movie buff  its a MUST SEE movie...!! Me..enjoyed the entire 1hour 30mins -100%.

Next movie - Nany McPhee...nope not Robin Hood=Russell Crowe..euuuuwwww!


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