Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maximum Boredom...

Fuhh...this is the worst feeling ever.  I never felt as bored as today!! Brain freeze!! FB, Twitter,Blog,You Tube you named it, feel like smashing the lappy to the wall. Too much of 'Crystallized Moment' till nothing more interesting to think off.

Listening to the unknown artists at home playing guitar & piano...one song after another, rhythm after rhythm, a total 'bluesy'...

I have to find the cure soon....I can't stay on this zone too long, its long enough to make me realize not to end up being a 'GLEEK' at the wrong age..

At least the corn & red bean  "ice cream potongs"..boost up my mood today...yum yum!

   Google image - can't find the Bon Bon brand..

I need a new hobby..Ideas???????

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