Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Online Shopping Fever...

Oh dear, am really addicted to online shopping now, rather than thinking 'hard' to start my OWN!! Anyway, found a new collection from Marissa Preloved through my sister's friend. The word 'Preloved' actually means new item, we bought but NEVER used; or Items that already been used few times; or Gifts that we will never use. But she also sell Pre-Order items too. So this is it! I've browsed through her ready stocks...can't wait to order the belows:- ( i copied all the pix from Marissa's fb..so it would be easy for us to put in our order soon)

My No. 1 choice..so elegant

Lolly's choice.

So cute isn't it & cheap too, one of the models looks like the one in Elle's album i guess the collections came from the same source. Perhaps..

At last we found the mini dress (high waist) we really admired. Its only RM30. That's ridiciously cheap!!!!!

The british cotton style..(but its not cotton)

Stylo Palazzo pants too...

MH birthday is around the corner...that's why we are so IN it to BUY it hahaha, we're thinking to wear mini dress, the theme either 'white' or _____(not sure yet). Still brainstorming;-)

Hungggrryyyyyyyyyy....!!!!!! Cookin' Time. Let's 'wok' with me..

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