Friday, May 14, 2010

Lady "V"...

"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."..."The early morning has gold in its mouth." quoted by Benjamin Franklin (just to share his pix above-Classic)

Wakey, wakey, rise & shine. i woke up @ 7:30am - darn early !!! Noon Sunshine & Brunch are my 'perfect combo' for the past lame, i know!  Okay, 1st quarter' resolution' - Sleep early, Rise Early! Hopefully, I can commit to that *serious* but how about weekend???..hmmm

Back to my early morning activity for today, sent my car Lady "V" to the workshop for new Tyres. Not only that, the mechanic also suggested that we should change the brake pad, tyre-scheme & stabilizer bar...blah blah.  To be honest, i've no idea what all those items are. I just know how to drive..haha. So, trust the expert...with MH green light..Yes, Mr. Mechanic go ahead and get it done Please! The 3 hours of waiting at Mamaks was the most boring part without lappy and WiFi hp ...sigh.  But we (me & Lolls) 'survived'!

Drive-Thru McD, the fastest, easiest, favourites, Big Mac McValue (but not Mega Mac its too BIG) plus gorgeous Sundae Chocolate with extra topping...Yummylicious lunch & dessert.  Oh yeah, also the SS15's  'cekodok pisang'..Sedapnyer!

As for dinner menu tonite, need to do some 'Tesco-ing' (most visited hypermarket, as for now no more Mydin Mall- that's for sure). Have a break, have a Sundae again... this time strawberry topping for me. ermmm...nice! Sundae cone for Lols, Choco for both MH & Boboy. Gotta be back before 7pm for Badminton Semi Final Live from Bukit Jalil Stadium, actually for the two guys.. absolutely not for Me even Lols.  Guess what..Nicko also planned to be there for Malaysia..but no luck, all the Tickets till Final already SOLD OUT!

The disappointing result  - Malaysia terribly LOST to China 3-0..

Dinner is Served... "Lets Dig In.. "

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