Friday, December 2, 2011

KLIA to Incheon Airport

The Departure...

*ehehh..pandang-pandang...jeling-jeling ;-)*

On Board MH066 to Seoul at 23:30hrs on Friday, 25 November 2011...

Hmm..after Nasi Lemak then the 2nd meal was served about 2hours before landing

Coke w Ice at 3.30 in the problem still not cold!

The Arrival...

Admiring Air Asia crew nice & trendy RED  trenchcoat...ooolalala!

 Actually there's no need to fill up this yellow Health declaration form...haiya what a waste of time!

The immigration officer just need the arrival card & your passport.  


Arrghhh not again...'doggy security check'???

Thank god its nothing like we experienced in Schiphol Amsterdam last year *click to read*.  It's actually just for the  luggage from certain countries *as for this particular carousel, the baggage were from the US flights* luckily not ours from Malaysia...what a relief!

That's not all, so many beautiful & interesting  places to visit in SEOUL..KOREA! 

Heading to the HOTEL...similar to MRT in Singapore, they have KORAIL and superb subway system that connects every city, town or district which is very convenient to all including first time visitor/tourist like us!

one way trip from Incheon Airport to the HOTEL cost us less than MYR 10.. that's CHEAP okay!
Btw, the currency:  1000KRW (Korean Won) = MYR 2.90 

Alrighty! Till the next entry....'The Hotel' we stayed in ;-)

For info, WiFi is available in the train-subway at a very minimal charge for 24-hr usage...Stay connected while on the move, whenever you are in Seoul Metro Subway...COOL!~

To be continued....



Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

Wah nice lah.. wish to be there one day with my future wife

Posh said...

Insya'allah..boleh for yr honeymoon. A perfect destination for couple especially "Winter Sonata" Nami Island ;-)

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