Friday, December 30, 2011

Cilantro Culinary Academy - School of Culinary Arts

Cooking Academy....Culinary Arts...??!  Taking the interest of cooking & baking one step further and become the 'MasterChef at Home'. Oh wow! That sounds rather too ambitious of me...I think I better stick with what I do best, "Work from Home" and "Cooking for leisure" ;-)

Received an invite from a publisher of  Food & Travel Magazine (Singapore) to participate in their Festive Cooking Demo/Class with Chef Bernard Lee at Cilantro Culinary Academy, *click for info* located at USJ Sentral, Subang Jaya nearby Mydin Mall & Summit.

The Class was scheduled to start at 11:00am and finish by 2:30pm but as usual waiting for some late comers to arrive some got lost, not familiar with USJ area and stuck in a 'Saturday busy traffic' bla..bla..bla.

Finally at noon, all 30 of us (I think..or maybe less)  were ready with our printed recipes & pen as well as  the jovial Chef Bernard, he's so ready to roll up his sleeves and begin the demo class....

How to skin & fillet a salmon..? fuhhh susah woo ;-)

"Listen & Absorb...."

Left:  Cold Prawn with Salmon Gravlax on Toast    Right:  Mince Pie

Lola thought that she was the youngest participant...teet wrong!!

aha...the youngest & cutest particpant who luvs Pop Cakes so very much! 
 she just sat in the baby highchair next to her mom during the whole 2-hour session without any complaints 
Good Girl...So behave!

Among the three featured recipes, Pop Cakes /Cake Pops of cozlah my luv of all...suweeetttttt gorgeous taste! After this no more Starbucks Cake Pops & can eat more than one YeaY!! ;-) 

Chocolate Ganache 
500 gm - Dark Chocolate Coverture
450 gm - Cream (boiled)
50gm    -  Butter

-Cut the chocolate coverture into small pieces
-Boil up the cream onces its boiled pour it into the chocolate eith the butter
-Constantly stir until the chocolate dissolved and set it at a cool place

Pop Cakes 
500gm   - Sponge Cake (any sponge cake will do)
As need - Chocolate ganache
(put in the freezer for some time)

* Chocolate ganache ratio depends on the moisture and the type of sponge cake.  You may decorate it as you wish by using colour balls, chocolate or candy fruits.


Hope to try the recipe one of these days or anytime soonest. A big thank you to Cilantro, Chef Bernard & especially the organiser Regent Media for inviting me and the gang ;-)

Nitey nite!

*2  more sleeps before we say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012!**


arwin said...

Well this school is very unprofessional n seem like those china style school with no standard at all...

Posh said...

I can sense that too during the cooking demo ;-)

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