Friday, February 18, 2011

Auckland: Shopping Malls, Outlets, Shops....

KIA ORA *Hi! or Hello in Maori language, pronounced as Key-Or-Ra* 
back to KiwiLand Chapter...

Did we take the train?

Yes we to "New Market" station,  its not a market, "market" okay its a shopping district considered as a premier retailing area and also the fashion capital of NZ.

Nope.. not going barefoot! My shoes still intact but 'someone' bought a pair of flip flops to change with the shoes in the plastic bag (as seen in the pic above) for a comfy reason after a longgggggg..walk *kaki melecet slalunya org pompuan kan hahaha*

Westfield shopping centre
but my 2 fav outlets not hearyh:-(  
Massimo Dutti & ZARA 'nowhere to be found' in Auckland *sigh*

If I were to compare the SUMMER SALE in Europe, back in Munich & Amsterdam last year...its way too expensive in NZ.  Esprit, Adidas just to name a few its almost the same  price with Malaysia or much higher "its also due to currency rates* and even Cotton On. I guess NZ its not the place to shop till you drop kinda thing. Anyhoo, the NZ company, Glassons brand is quite cheap and they had a great sale deal Buy 1 Free 1....Awesome n its worth it!!

"Let's walk around New Market...."

the outlets..

Supermarket- grocery stuff & I find this interesting to share...

This is not an ATM machine but its a SELF SERVICE checkout system "pick up, scan, pay & go" COOL!!

click for explanation
Does it work here in M'sia?? Ermmm...why not...? would be nice if Jaya Grocer or Cold Storage to have this option*"hi-tech" la sikit..ahaks*

looks like this customer needs some assistance...
maybe her 1st time or not so familiar with the touchscreen technology ;-)

So, that's a bit on New Market but most of the days while MHubs was busy attending a conference at Air New Zealand's office, (like I said earlier its a biz trip for him & leisure for me), I spent half a day at the nearby malls, outlets & shops. alone!  No problem at all, I'm used to it,  in Singapore, Bangkok, Munich, except Indonesia...Jakarta, Medan, Bandung nope...never, not advisable and I myself don't feel safe walking alone in that hectic cities!
in Auckland City...I'm fine babeh:)))

The morning traffic...

The STRAND is just opposite Crowne Plaza Hotel...

 bakery, restaurants, cafe,small boutiques....

 but most of the shops close at 6pm or the latest 7pm.
except FIX convenient store * similar to 7-E in M'sia its 24hrs*  

@Metro- movie theatres, a huge Borders bookstore

 & the SkyCity.... 

Galleria..Prada boutique

lotsa souvenir shops here...

 Got it!!!

New World Supermarket - grocery stuff again;-) funny-ugly billboard! 

common souvenirs - t-shirts & fridge magnets 
"Its the thought that counts...." ^-^
My usual breakie menu during the 6 days....

chocolate muffin & Hot Chocolate...

&  also my fb-ing, twit-ing & blog-ing place...hehehe

The gorgeous Steak Cheese Pie from PieMania...

 p.s:  I still owe them 40 cents for this lovely pie...
since I was the 1st customer, no change for a big note as early as 9:00a.m..;-).

 My BFF of the week *snap sana snap sini kesian dia hardwork*
...ohhh, the Apple Pie & Hot Choc for supper as well;-) 
Hot Choc twice a day..ish ish!
just down the street 5 mins walk from Crowne Plaza Hotel ....still a big NO for me!

Breezing through the city in a cold & windy night... the happening place...

This place is chock-a-block at night even it was on weekdays
live music bar...

then back to Crowne....ooopss its already after midnite 'Hotels Quiet Time' ....*SHHHH*

One more post and I'm done with KiWiLand...^-^


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