Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doorstep Online Grocery....

Grocery shopping is a necessity for every household regardless the amount, budget or the frequency of purchase. In short, everyone needs to shop for groceries. How much you spend, types of groceries & how many times a month are all depend on your '$$$' capability.

Once a month & a big bulk that's my way of doing grocery and I believe its a common trend for every household & of coz it varies to one's preference, could be daily or weekly.  At times, you might come across a situation where you really need to have certain grocery stuff or items which are unplanned but necessary. Hmm...its a regular thing to me especially for baking & frozen stuff. A quick grabbed at the nearest mart or hypermarket either Giant or Tesco. 

Therefore, when I saw the link to "Doorstep Online Grocery" on one of my friend's fb wall post, I was excited and of course eager to know more about it. A simple way of doing grocery shopping without having to think about how do I look, my hair, what to wear, who's going with me *oops sorry that's so me:))) or maybe no transport to go out etc etc.  So, with this great facility in front of your eyes its so EASY & hell-yeah!!!  

Here're some of the webshots...

e.g: Pillsbury Cake Mix - same price with Tesco RM9.90 and Pancake Mix RM14.50 slightly cheaper than Jaya Grocer

Hey..not bad cut vegetables too!

Convenient.. it is!!!

I know these must be the 3 main Qs  (?) that you've been waiting to ask right...;-) Delivery Time + Charges, Payment method & Minimum purchase?
  1. Orders made  before noon, between (12am - 1159am) will be delivered the same day while for orders made beyond that time, goods will be delivered the next day. They do have certain time slots.  Delivery Charges is FOC till end of this month  (28feb) and a standard delivery fee between Rm8-10 will be charged after that.  
  2. Payment options - Cash on delivery, Credit/Debit card & internet banking (Maybank 2U, Cimb Clicks etc).
  3. Minimum purchase is RM50 during this promotion period till end of feb ONLY. The standard minimum order is RM100. 
Just log on to the website   for the simple registration step & more details info especially on the COVERAGE AREA! They've pretty much covered the prime area within Klang Valley though our township is yet to be listed in their radar:-( Soon I hope...or otherwise I can always use alternative address since I'm too excited to try out their service. 

Btw, just to share my friend's order items that were delivered by 'doorstep' to her house recently *who indirectly introduce me to this online grocery through fb*

Its proven!!! 
Maria: sorry ya! 'kidnapped' this pic from yr fb hehe-)

Enjoy your "hassle-free" grocery shopping peeps!!  Say NO to long queue..*lalala*  Simplify your life......


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