Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boarding to KiWiLand...

*Date &  Time supposed to be published yesterday evening Monday, 31st Jan due to the "un-UNiFi" connection @KLIA (please ignore the word I like to create my own terms "sukahatily")  it was stuck in my draft folder and delayed*

I guess January is being good to me! I'm off to Auckland tonight I mean both of us, its a "Biz trip for HIM" and "Leisure for ME" <^:^>  This gonna be the 'opening' of my 2011 Travel Diary.

Luggage??! Can't travel without it huh!

Ehemm.. the bigger one is obviosly mine.  Nasib baik 6 days if 2 or 3 weeks memang confirm -confirm tak cukup ONE bag!   1 bag just for my shoes & handbags another 1 for jeans, Ts whatsoeva & the last one just to spare some space for 'souvenir a.k.a shopping items' hmm..at least I need 3 bags just for me, myself & I.   Bukan apa bila berjauhan dengan wardrobe kat rumah tu, kenalah ada pilihan 'what to wear' according to 'places to visit' .  Just being a 'difficult' me!

Hey! For those of you at work..Happy Working & for  those on holiday..Enjoy your vacation to the fullest say NO to Fake-ation (still on the lappy sending work related emails during holiday trip) while for me here...Time to hit the shower!!!!!!! 10 hours of Inflight movies - Social Network, Unstoppable & You Again with no SLEEP!

"Auc/ K / La / nd' Bubbye" read as OK LA & BYE BYE.   Live from KiWiLand..! Unfortunately I gotta pay $3 an hour for the WiFi access at Starbucks HERE!.  Can you imagine that, this is CRUEL!! Its not FREE!!. Oh god! I luv Starbucks Malaysia much muchier and muchness:)))))))

Oops..looks like its almost time out for my WiFi access...bye now!~

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