Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mount Eden...

The scenic journey from Auckland airport to the city has made Mount Eden My LAFS- "Love at a first sight". "Back to Nature" kinda place is always awesome & memorable don't you think so..? I always prefer on the outskirts, just like Grasbrunn in Munich, Volendam & Marken, the old fishing villages outside Amsterdam & the beautiful Hull, UK...oooarrrr:)))) the ever precious memories, regardless the trip was just last week, or a  year back or even a decade ago still close to my heart same goes to Mount Eden!

As I said in my Vlog *sorry for the poor audio..1st trial* earlier we planned to go there by train, but it was advisable to take the Metro Link Bus coz its more convenient for us to walk up the hill from the bus stop & nearby shops there. Okay, let the photos speak for themselves...

Britomart Transport Centre - The Main Train Station &"i" *info counter* get the maps, bus & train schedule!

oops extra 'props' @ the advert board hihihi

yup MetroLink..but not this one!

Bus no. 274, Three Kings is the destination, Time: 2:06, in 3mins..hmmm but we waited for 15mins then only the bus arrived.  As for  the timing wise can't beat Singapore public transport punctuality *sorry just giving my fair comments*

errmm..enough coins? $1.80 per person x 2 = $3.60 
hopefully the bus driver can manage to give back change for a $10 note..

The Fern is "everywhere" wow even on the bus seats that signify the New Zealandness....
Nice & Clean!

30 minutes later, we reached the destination....

Mount Eden Village..*our 'village' & their village is totally different yeah*

 FOS in the small town..hihihi

Hey!! a PINK Garbage Truck..a girlish bins wakaka

 Mount Eden - Maungawhau "Mountain of the Whau Tree in Maori"
Look at the tree behind me...yeah THIS ONE 

not the 'whau' tree okay..but it really "wows" me!

The real ferny..

Alrite..THIS WAY please ....
one heck of a hilly road...shortcut to Mount Eden Domain!

"The journey has just begun..."

trees n more trees....


The panoramic view of Auckland...

The summit....

5 mins break...;-)

The remake of "Little House on the Prairie"..!

Hey..she came back:-) up n down the hill seems pretty easy for this lil angel huh!
Her name is Layla *not sure how's the spelling like*

Me:  Layla, come n take a pic together..
She: Dad not gonna wait for me..*meyh*:-(
*that's explain why she looked away fr the lens* Cute!

enjoying my solo photoshoot...hikksss;-)

W.A.T.E.R...water..we're so thirsty! Time to go down to the shops...

Cheesy Muffin splits + Pump Mineral Water *Lime*...arhhh!

Just an ordinary in school uniform & another....

 "Going Barefoot..?" Yeyhhh..not unusual hearh! spotted a few barefooters - a hotel guest walking out from his room towards the lift then down to the lobby a'ha! A young chap walked in to the bank ..woohoo! I can't imagine if they did tis in M'sia *#@!*^ long the "scrubbing" would

"The journey continues...", as well as this entry

map..schedule...& also a pair of someone shoes in a plastic bag???!! 
hmmm...going the "New Zealander" way..?


Huhhh...I'd better speed up on this KiWiLand chapter/s coz lotsa stories in the queue nowww!
Eheemm..."P bakefevermania" Laterrrrrrr guyz;-)

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