Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Auckland City...

Yippie we're here in NZ! Safely landed at Auckland International Airport yesterday afternoon at about 1:30pm local time (8:30am Malaysian Time). Yeah..yeah everybody knows that,  it was indirectly mentioned in my previous entry the so called "Before Departure & Upon Arrival" post:-)))))

somebody was too busy taking no choice but to pull two bags at a time;-)

Auckland City at a glance...

We took a shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel. It took us about 35mins (ticket fare= $23 return x 2.4 for MYR), 3 stops before we reached the Crowne Plaza Hotel which located right smack in the city centre. 

check out our room @ Crowne Plaza Hotel..

This hotel is connected to a shopping complex, "Atrium on Elliot" and other nearby shopping area, The Strand, Mid City (lots of Korean & Hongkong fashion style small boutiques here) and Metro (a cineplex & restaurants etc) everything just within waliking distance. Hmm..Cotton On is everywhere, price wise equivalent to KL (I prefer Singapore much cheaper & more variety).

The 'A listers'...

dun worry if you don't go in coz you won't feel as 'guitly' as you're in Paris...hiks

Food no problem at all, Fast food heaven...Wendy's, Nandos, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Burger King, McCafe  & Cuisine- Malaysian, Indonesian Thai, Indian, Viatnamese, Korean & Japanese, you name it you got it!! Even at food courts.

Oh before that,  along the journey in the shuttle...we passed by a beautiful village @Mount Eden...

Beautiful homes~!!!pix taken while on the move;-)

Hot & Sunny weather over heayhhh...

Keep all jackets away^-^ summer time!

The Ferry building..

The nearest Harbour...

oh makes me wanna stay longer...;-)

Hey!its the 'duck race' look-a -like but this is- one HUGE duck ;-)

what kind of coffee is that???..can change you to a Celeb!!! hahah one funny ad..

Just grab the brochures @ NZ Tourism Centre - all the info on where & what to do in Auckland City

Guess what?! A Free WiFi access is available at McCafe here (though limited access to 3hrs per used, better still) huh.. what a relief! So no more this...
I mean no need to pay $$ for the WiFi access service @ starbucks 
NOT the drinks kay..Caramel Frappucino is D'Best!!!
& say YES to ....McCafe

Hot chocolate & apple pie for supper in a cold & windy night;-)

I guess that's all for now..look out for my next blog post on Sky Tower;-))


P.S: Can't wait for the Dinner Cruise...!

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