Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sky Tower..

Wakey,wakey,rise n shine...GOOD MORNING!!! Its 8:04am (Malaysian Standard Time), Tuesday 8th Feb..me@home la;-) Balik ke tanahair few days ago but was too tired too blog n apalagi 'qada' tido yang tak cukup last week ^-^

6Days in Auckland, we took almost a thousand pix...oooooo CrAzIeEeH!!  Nway..of coz I'll sort 'em accordingly and will put up only the best photos heayhh;-)

Let's start with the magnificent Sky Tower.  Sky Jump, Sky Walk..?? Nahhh..I'm just cool with the 'SkyView'...no Xtreme activity for me;-)

Ticket prices - $25 & $28 +Sky Deck Access (Adult) 
about MYR60+

Sky Deck on the 60th Floor...

wooooooohhhhhh....the glass floor  in the lift *dun look down*

Beautiful day!! A gorgeous view of the Harbour from the Sky Tower...

hey..remember the huge Duck! 

Just put in $2..u can hv a clearer view;-)

a'hah!! that's our hotel, The Crowne Plaza...

just hang around at the Sky Deck to see the sunset...

NOT only enjoying the view infront but also looking past your feet at the Auckland's traffic below...

Have a drink & light snack at Sky Lounge or fine dining at Orbit,  the revolving restaurant...

Sweet Treat...Pavlova, I Like!!!

Wokey..we already spent almost 2hrs up there, time to go down & grabbed some souvenirs at the Gift Shop, ermm...reasonable price I would say!

More info on the Sky Tower just log on to the Sky City website here!

Night view of the tower....Chantique!!

"Catch my next post on Walpa Delta Dinner Cruise...soonest kay;-)"


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