Thursday, January 13, 2011


Thinking of getting a Pet Bunny...MAYBE, PERHAPS, errrr... not sure yet just a thought:-(  I tweeted bout this weeks ago and till today just can't get these cute faces out of my head  *haihh.. drama mode*

The whitey is so adorable....ooowwwhh
*feels like hugging the fluffy lil creature but then hmm.. tak berani tapi nak bela*

Looks like this fatty needs a new cage...huh!

The owner of all the above bunnies is Dayang Deary (Loll's bff) who's been very kind as always and she offered ONE for us to keep...How I wish I could bring it back that instance but lots of things to consider i.e:
  1. Home for the bunny - a proper one
  2. Who to handle the P--P? eeuuuuww..dun think I'm a reliable 'cleaner' for that'-)
  3. Food - not a big problem at all just get it from any of the pet shop 
  4. Medical - what if its sick? E'emm the Vet bill is pretty costly! 
  5. Away - who will take care of it if we're on holiday for days/week? Of coz the 'pet hotel' is available as long as you've the $$$
  6. Can I accept another heartache if anything happen to the bunny? Will it hurt as much as the lost of my dearest cat, Tymoon:-(
If that the case, I guess I have to consider, re-consider all the above thoroughly and reach a decision on accepting Dayang's offer.. or otherwise *umm..contemplating*

Nite nite...

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