Monday, January 10, 2011

Shepherd's Pie...

Oh dear..! I dunno what's happening to me! I'm just too lazy to blog lately and yet I'm thinking of ways to increase the number of  followers which indirectly increase the numbers of readers traffic here..huhu;-) I guess that's my resolution for year 2011  *AHAH! at last,  I do have one * 

Nways, of coz it would be nice to share your stories with many but what matter is, all the stories published here are for me to read back one day and also to be remembered by the people I love most, my family, friends & everyone who knows me.  These will soon become the 'old pictures & a  bunch of memories' <^;^>

Alrighty!! Better stick to the title now....Like I said in my previous entry, we had the same dinner MENU for 3 days in a row last week.  It's the homemade Shepherd's Pie...Ooh! The recipe from Alang aka the Best Man.  If I didn't tell you earlier, he's a Chef, not quite sure what's his exact title or ranking, but all I know he's good!

The 1st attempt! Not bad huh?! but I prefer the potato topping to be a lil bit brownish... it right! a nice golden brown! 

used to order the 'petite' shepherd's pie at Secret Recipe..
BUT now I can have it anytime i feel like it!!! A much bigger portion indeed;-)
with lotsa CHEEZ...eeemmm mumma mia!!!!

So, this week looks like another 'pie fiesta' for the family...huhuhu till they say it out loud "NO MORE PIE PLEASE"...;-)

PiePie *bubbye*..Peeps!


Lady of Leisure said...

love shepherd's pie tapi tak pernah cuba buat lagi, buat sendiri puas hati kan.. :)

Posh Alert said...

Btul tu u...buat sendiri makan pun puas;-) I never thot it was so easy..i mean for an 'amateur' like me. Trying a simple recipe also dah macam satu achievement hihi.

Lady of Leisure said...

kalau dah berjaya buat shepherd's pie ni kiranya dah pro lah ni.. keep it up.. :)

Posh Alert said...

oops..the word Pro is too huge for me *shy* hahaha. Nway, thankQ but Still need to refer to the real Pro a.k.a ur blog for all the new recipes;-)

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