Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't mind spending HOURS for hair treatment , facial or mani-pedi, anytime for "Beautifying Session"!! Feelin' Restless..?? No..oo of coz not never for that but today, I spent the whole morning waiting at the Workshop for about 4 hours to be precise...*sigh*   





Yup..time for GenDoe to get her 'treatment'...
I dunno, but I always feel that GenDoe is more to a 'He' than a 'She'...a 'male', I know, its like 'WhatEva! hikhiks;-)

Gotta fix the leaking engine oil sump/pan *tempat minyak hitam mengalami kebocoran*  
to change THIS thing....*$$..zass*

Okay...lets not get too technical into it. All that matters, GenDoe is back in 'shape', good condition and still has the resale value though I smell like Petronas Syntium or Shell Helix the whole morning..fuhh!!

Actually, I was thinking to...arr..err..mmm SELL it *whispering* orang kata  tak boleh cakap di depan kereta nanti dia merajuk...not sure how far its true, but since I'm just writing it here so shouldn't be a problem right..*wink*

Its already 5 years anyway, maybe its Time to Change.....

yeah..by looking at our "oversize baggage" as always when "balik kampung", we're definitely not a light traveller AT ALL~~~!!
photo taken before we went back to AS for Nicko's wedding last month...

Absolutely not another sedan that's for sure, maybe  A _ _ _???
However, its just one of the items listed in my 2011 Wishlist.  Dream big & keep on wishing!!

Alrighty, need my beauty sleep now..Tata!

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