Sunday, September 19, 2010


Birthday again...!!!My sista, Lolls 21st Birthday on 18.9.10 just five days away from mine but 15 years difference la...fuhh, I'm so old uhukkk:-(  Nevermind, at least young at heart...*smiley*

Yup, lotsa Birthdays in September besides mine & sis,  my dear Princess D (my niece-Damia) also my late grandma Mrs. Rayyan (she called herself)...Omi (Tok Mummy) to us, she passed away when I was 14. She was a lovable grandma ever. Okay, will find some pix in my 'archive' and would be nice to post  it here for my younger bros and sis since they didn't have the chance to know her especially Lolls. "In loving memory of Tok Mummy", really miss her *sob... sob*.   Oh yeah, we found a very interesting 50 yr-old photo album of Gramps. So excited to share it here but not so soon kay, will have to scan the best few pix..hehee

Back to Lolls birthday celebration and we chose "White" as the theme no.. no.. not Snow White coz she turned 21 not 12.  Actually its nice to have a birthday theme especially for lil' kids with butterfly wings, Cinderella dress, tiara & petite stilettos cutteeeeeeeeeeee isn't it!

Luv taking photos of every occasion coz I always believe photographs keep precious memories of our life, its very true indeed...

gorgeous deco..reminded me of Manneken Pis in Brussels wahh!

white ambiance @ Garden, The Curve...just perfect for the theme;-)

what to order...??? 

Camomile - my cup of Tea...

Spaghetti Marinara...

Spaghetti Carbonara...

Pineapple Fried Rice..MHubs choice who else;-)

disappointing Mee Siam! hmm.just the usual fried meehun..
nothing like The former Empress Cafe Mee Siam..

 Beep...beep.. time for the Birthday Girl to blow the candle & make a wish...

a bit blurish..blamed it to Boboy hishh!




Grand box;-)

a bathrobe from the boys..

Its time for the REAL one...

 a baby 'white' Grand Piano just lovely for Lolls to show her talent..haha
a sweet ending with Fur Elise...Beethoven

There was a Blackberry mini concert @ The Curve right in front of happened Lolls fav band, Bunkface perfoming live!!! can be considered as an unexpected birthday 'gift' for her..lalallaa

Revolusi..their hit song


Luv: P

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