Friday, September 17, 2010

Anniversary - 9.9.99

9.9.2010 -  Ermm.. nothing 'extraordinaire' on the celebration of our 11th Wedding Anniversary. 'Happening Party'??! That's the last thing I would think off considering the place (we were back in our hometown AS..) and time (it was on Raya eve...).  Keep it simple & sweet as usual. The thought that counts....

Old Town White Coffee - the coolest 'lepaq' place in the neighbourhood so far...
we spent most of the evenings there even on the 1st nite of Raya;-) hehe
5 mins drive from Cendrawasih - Gramps house

Still the two of us...*peace*

 many more years of happiness..*insya'allah*

I didn’t get married to follow what society wants us to do, we are married, we have the luxury to design our own life” - Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & The City 2

Stay Healthy & Happy! 

Luv: P

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