Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hari Raya Greeting Cards..Chasing Lights + Deco...

Evergreen Raya song by Saloma...unforgettable and unbeatable song of all time! Raya Countdown -  less than a week from now. Nicko was busy putting up the musical chasing lights at Casamadre. I guess we're the first and the only one who has it at this gated and guarded neighbourhood.  Where's the raya spirit? Hmmm...Suburb!!! Well, used to it.  Oh yeah..this morning, I saw some bamboo torch  at the main entrance and also Raya deco at the guardhouse. Nice..! At least something.

Raya cards, I didn't buy any and  received only one card this year, I know it sounds pathetic but seriously nowadays we send E-cards thru email, greetings through facebook, twitter, MySpace, 'just click' without hassle to go to the post office etc..etc..Quick, Easy & FOC;-)

can be recycled as Raya Green (Money) packets...interesting & brilliant idea!

Turn ON your Raya (festival)  mode but not to OFF your Puasa (fasting) mode as yet *smile*

Hey! Check-out Petronas "Antara Dua Kampung" Raya TVC aired today, 4th Sept...CLASSIC!

Take care!

Luv: P


horation caine... said...

even though yasmin hamid(bukan nama sebenar) already died,...still petronas could have a good raya tvc,,,two thumbs up...hahaha

Posh Alert said...

hehee..very true oso;-)

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