Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Mamee Slurp "Mawi"??!..Nah, Maggi is always my 1st choice & also Mee Sedap coz its really "Sedap" *wink*  Anyway, this entry is not about the Instant Noodle,  its my very First Homemade Curry Mee..yeah I know there's nothing Big to Brag about but all these years during my busy hectic working days, I've never bothered to look up for Recipes or even assist my late Mom in the kitchen. We always take things for granted, don't we? "You never know what you've got until it's gone..." Better not to touch on that :-(   Lets go back to my cooking...

"I used shrimp shell stock"...(set aside the shells & heads, boil & blend them to make stock) 
as per the recipe from
 Our simple homecooked dinner... Slurpp.;-)

Feelin' tired & very sleepy now, was rushing this morning to the Salon & Threading plus a  Lunch Date at noon, but managed to be on time for the lunch with my Ex-Boss 'J'.  It's been 2 years since I last saw her. Okay, I must comment on the food at Windmill, we ordered the Set Lunch Meal @ 29.90++ consists of Chicken Kebab with Lamb served with Spaghetti, seafood chowder (additional charges) + Dessert + Coffee/Tea.  The food was LOUSY! The spaghetti sauce was sweet *sigh*

Despite the meal, it was great to meet and catch up with her again at a quiet and relax ambiance compared to the first one we agreed to, "Bawang Merah"...(but absolutely better food there)

Gotta go now...xoxo


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