Sunday, September 5, 2010


Oops...This is a delayed post/update on a small "adventure" of ours at the Cargo Village nearby LCCT or KLIA-2 about a week ago.  We wanted to send 5 boxes containing 700pcs of small Spice jars (set of 4) for Nicko's wedding door gifts, I suppose so.  There's no way we can bring all these boxes to AS (Alor Setar) by car.  Best solution no other than flight, but each of us only has 20kg baggage allowance.  Its time to utilize the yearly Cargo rebate benefit. 

The first rebate was utilized in 1999, we sent all my late grandmother's clothes to Medan, Indonesia for donation. At that time via Terminal 1 at Subang Airport.  Can't remember much the process and so on. Since MHubs planned to go back to AS, so its better to arrange the cargo shipment on that day too.  Usually, every year during fasting month we will make sure at least we spend one weekend to visit PIL aka His Mum & Dad and also Gramps.  But this time around since Gramps here, I won't be able to accompany him.  Okay, to cut a long story short and back to the Cargo story.  Firstly,  we're not sure which entrance to enter....

must get a Visitor Pass... from??? The Administration building at the other side of the main entrance

Security Check - Laptop check, details of the content...bla bla..blah...

Pass through the 1st security stage, next we need to get a Vehicle Pass at MAS Cargo Administration office.  Got it!

Step 1:  Unloading all the boxes at the designated loading bay...

Step 2:  Fill up the form etc & The total weight was:

About 2 hours handling process plus the security check here and there and 'someone' almost missed his flight that afternoon.  Fuhhh...! No, he didn't, what a relieve;-) Anyway, all the boxes arrived safely at AS airport the next day.  Hope  they will 'spice up' the jars creatively and make a nice door gifts, then its worth the effort of bringing them from KUL to AOR by MH flight.

*Yawn* Better sleep early today, need to send Gramps tomorrow morning at SkyPark, Subang Airport.  Have to be there by 7:30am at least an hour before the flight.


Luv: P

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