Monday, September 27, 2010

Summer Gardens...-(^-^)-

If you ask me..How was the Flea Market @ Summer Gardens yesterday? Just one word   LAME...!!!!
I would rather spend every weekends at The Street, The Curve or Sunrise, Mont Kiara than going there, the "flunk" market.  Personally, I think the organizer should do something to jazz it up a bit!  Invite more Clothing & Accessories vendors (especially the experience one with sophis collections).  At least up to the standard of  the nice & cool venue, "Summer Gardens @ Setia Eco Park".  Unfortunately yesterday, I felt like I was at a Charity Bazaar or even worst a company Open Day or something.  Honestly, the venue, set-up, facilites were EXCELLENT but the selected vendors were the biggest disappointment.

Say no more....

the huge pyramid canopies..spacious 
easy access, ample parking (FOC) 

buggy service for all Guests/Customers from the car park to the stalls/booth area ..

Hop On..Hop Off..

RIGHT:  That's 'The  Accessories' stall..
Gosh...are they selling "pre-loved" items or what?? 
Eyes away...

 better view on the LEFT;-)
quite a number of home decor stalls....
Good Idea! considering the fact that a lot of new residents here..

As usual, the SUPER HOT weather..
better Chillin' @Daun Pisang Cafe, Green Canopy....

 there's also a SALON (caucasian owner cum hairdresser)
very friendly & nice lady..
next to Eco Mart @ Green Canopy...Two Thumbs Up!!! 
All under ONE roof

That's about all on my personal views & comments.  As for now, I don't think I will mark my calendar on every 3rd Sunday of the month for The Summer Gardens Flea Market. 

Oh yeah, we snapped a few photos at the Sales Office, here's some of the future development of our township..

Mega project...

The Setia City Mall...."Coming very Soon"

Ciao..! What do we get? Nothing but sunburn *sigh*


p.s:  Just got a call from OZ and its good news from Sis G.  Miss her tons & happy for her!! Congratz Sis G on your new job!!!

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