Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Adventures of Tin Tin Premiere Screening....

Remember Tintin the comic strip hero and his doggie Snowy? Yes..? No.?! The Adventures of Tintin Errr.. I think those from my era would definitely know which one I'm talking about without having to google for the pix and stuff. The best part is my sista, Lola never heard of it, all sort of Qs like "why so weird name? "Tintin who?"..and knowing her she doesn't really read comics. I guess my younger brothers are more familiar with Doraemon and other Japanese comics during their childhood.

Hey! guess what, my Adventure story with Tymoon *click to read post*  was selected as one of the 50 most creative blog entries...woohoo happy giler! coz I really really wanna watch this movie especially in 3D *Hugs Nuffnang* :-)
@GSC MidValley but not the cinema hall that was caught on small fire the day before...all safe!  Business as usual..

*jumping & dancing* when I saw a large box of 3D spectacles outside the Hall...:-)
Actually, I was a bit disappointed during the Shark Night Premiere screening a week ago 
coz everyone of us thot it was 3D but nope it wasn't:-(
 ready...put it on!

so chubby orang sblah tu..muakaka *I need OXY!!!!* seriously PIMPLES attack!!!

The Adventure begins....

The funny twin detectives ...Thompson & Thomson (one without the 'P')  
were looking for clues with tintin on the killing of the below man but got distracted with the "Sales Advert"

tintin was in danger...

The pick pocket who had lifted tintin's wallet which contained the precious clue of the"Unicorn".. 

the most wanted Captain Haddock & tintin on the ship....

"not so clever..CAPTAIN HADDOCK campfire on the boat!!!"..


From the sea to the desert.....
will they survive....the Extreme HEAT!

& the evil Sakharine (left), the Red Rackham's descendant who was looking for them both....
Daniel Craig (James Bond) as the voice of the Villainous Sakharine

Btw, if you look at Sakharine...he looks exactly like the Director, Steven Spielberg ...don't they look the same???

The Adventure continues....its  getting more & more adventourous!

this is my fav scene...Bring it on tintin!!

what happen to the cutie Snowy...??

 What's the secret of the Unicorn & Sir Francis Haddock all about...??

Guys..guys..I'm not watch tintin at the nearest GSC in town okay...Believe me you'll never regret it and will enjoy every second of the scene & funny dialogues etc.  In short, the voice of tintin, British actor Jamie Bell  has succeed in bringing tintin to LIFE and of coz Steven Spielberg & his extraordinaire imagination always been the 'WoW' factor that satisfy the audiences after watching his films.

To be honest, last nite was my first time watching a 2hr-3D movie at GSC (kalau  30min short 3D  Disney cartoon show at Disneyland ada la..hihihi) Cool, I Like it!  Hope to see more 3D movie soon especially Puss in Boots The Movie...arrrr so cuteeeeee!

Oh yeah, here's tintin the comic hero...

 & this is Jamie Bell playing 'tintin'
 the dog not so sure whether its real or usual pix from google;-) 

 Captain haddock...Animation & Comic 

Last but not least....
Jamie Bell, Steven Spielberg & Gad Elmaleh (playing Ben Salaad, the Arab) 

Its pretty cool being a Nuffnanger and for a movie buff like me "blogging and winning" movie tickets, be among the earliest to watch new film in the movie theatres is just awesome! Seriously, it does save a lot on my movie expenses this year *big smiley* Double, Triple hugs & luv to NN :-)))) 


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