Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Adventure of Tymoon & Me....

Talking about 'Dream' and 'Adventure', the two things that I always have in mind together with the 5Ws - Who, What, Where, When, Why!!

SKIing in the winter has always been my dream and Tymoon my dearest big fat cat is WHO I wanna bring with for the Winter Skiing Holiday. Just can't imagine WHAT would be Tymoon's first reaction playing in the  snow oh my! would he survive the coldness like the Siberian dogs hahaha.

South Korea is WHERE I wanna go for this skiing trip considering the flight journey for Tymoon to handle not as bad as the long  flight to Europe or the States. Anyway snow still snow wherever it is and most importantly we keep rockin' & skiing to the fullest...;-)

And WHEN we are there, I will choose this as my outfit to nicely 'blend' with Tymoon...

Hmm..its available online! I bet the korean will be staring rather than skiing.....


Isn't that CUTE!!!!!!hoohoooo you really got the groove babehh!

So, that would be all on my Adventure Trip of Tymoon & Me that I can only dream of doing in the winter season which can never be fulfilled with 'him' anymore.  The unfinished dream will always be a dream because WHY..? I lost this beautiful fat cat a few years back and he can never be found. In my dream he was attacked by a group of stray dogs and bleed to death *saddest dream ever...major sob* R.I.P Tymoon.

p.s:  all photocredit to google search

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