Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweetest Friday..

I luv cheese as much as I luv cakes! Wah..wah..statement tak henget pasal kalori dan lemak berkrim tang pewut tu. Cheese+Cake = Diet means no rice for the day but I just had Chicken Briyani for lunch today! Demm...I dun wannabe a 'fatty' so ONLY snack food for tonite & tomorrow.. huhhh.

The first thing I wud notice at a buffet spread is DESSERT. The selection of kuih-muih & cakes wud definitely take my eyes away from the appetizer & main course ;-) Biggest problem of all & a bad eating habit, I luv to eat dessert first then solid meal and trust me the portion for dessert is equivalent to one plate of rice..adoiaiii just can't resist the cuteness of this sweet little thing such as..

Aren't they adorable?I can eat 'em all by myself huhu..Orange cake somemore.

Homemade cuppies with the Personal touch by my BFF, Pn. Nany. Not bad at all for a newbie in cupcake making. Well done my fren! Practice makes perfect.

Wait! there's one more undeniably delious dessert...

I personally named it Lava ChocCheese Cake specially baked by the "Cheezy Expert" no other than my dear TV3 friend, Maria ZA. "Wow se-standard Secret Recipe.."

A lovely 'Eid Aidil Adha' gift from great frenz..Hugs korang dorang mwuahhh

Salam Hari Raya Korban untuk semua walaupun sehari lagi. Incase I've no time to blog and wish uols here.

Luv, P
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Isaac Tan said...

wow, nice cupcakes here. Must be really sweet eh? :)

ps. nice meeting you just now! Hope to catch up with you more often ;)

Posh said...

Hey Famous ...! ;-) The cuppies really sugary tstttt 'sakit gigi' haha. Likewise...see ya around n thx yeah.

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