Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chatime with Nuffnangers & Churpers at Publika...

Yesterday was the busiest day of the week. Hmm...a bit different than the usual 'rest n relax' mode 24/7;-)

Just to share the 'so called' packed Saturday's schedule of mine:

Morning (as early as 8.30am) - Giant Kota Damansara, shopping BBQ items bla..bla..till 10:00am

10:45am - Kitchen Moment
Menu: Shepherds Pie, Bread n Butter Pudding for dessert. *potong memotong ingredients for pie 1st then later in the evening baru buat, so fresh from the oven* As for the dessert very easy & simple the prep would only take 15 mins or less, just push it into the oven then my sista lola to take charge.

1:45 pm - rushing to Publika, Solaris Dutamas for Nuffnang & Churp Churp Chatime! bonding session . This time around I brought my old friend/ex-colleague at Subang Golf Club (KGNS) to "Chatime" with me & fellow bloggers...

we were given RM20 voucher EACH including our guest/partner to buy food (foodcourt) & drinks (Chatime)

Yeah...this is she, Hooi Koon or I normally call her Ms. Teh
*haha sounds very formal rite, kinda  used to it la from KGNS  days*
Here, I just put HK as her initial kay ;-)

Pearl Milk Tea HK's choice @ RM5.90 (Regular)
They have R=Regular L=Large & toppings (add RM1)
You can tell them your preferred amount of Sugar or Ice too..Cool rite!

Hazelnut Choc - Large (without pearl or jelly) mmm...1st time order still not used to the toppings variety ..

The FOOD selection....there're a number of stalls but for us muslims Lorong Seratus Tahun is the only HALAL outlet. Just a note, Eat Food Village at Publika is actually a Non-Halal Food Court...

Assam Laksa - RM8.90  a bit tasteless no where near Penang style of Assam Laksa...

this Wantan mee looks GOOD.....not from Lorong Seratus Tahun oops forgot to ask HK la ;-) 

had no choice but to go for nerdy look...*mata merah sebab pakai contact lens expired wakaka*
its powerless glasses btw ;-)

simple 'intro' games with Anne (Nuffies)....
Come on Nuffnangers & Churpers speak up!! Me? No!..please not me *hiding* :-)
Reason:  I'm not familiar with 'Chatime' my first time having it

yeay...the girl beside me 'kena'  fuhhhhh!!

& the second game...

Rule 1 :  a group of 4,
Rule 2:  to choose teammate who really know about "Chatime" Bubble Tea, the different types & taste etc etc
tetttt...ME of coz disqualified I only know Pearl Milk Tea hahaha

my second cup...PEARL MILK TEA yummehhhh luv it to the max!

orang sebok main game kami sebok posing huhuhu

HK's 2nd choice -Mango with Rainbow Jelly (there's one more name after mango can't remember).

Chatime is a Bubble Tea franchise from Taiwan  .....
At least  now I know  what is it about this famous Chatime - Bubble Tea (Cha means Tea)...thanks to HK/Ms.Teh!!

The session ends at about 5pm after the group photo opt, headed home & next getting myself ready for the Home BBQ Raya.  

Thanks heaps Nuffnang for this "Chatime"  invite *hugs*  plus "Buy 2 Free 1" deal Chatime voucher for Nuffnangers *hugs hugs* The voucher is valid for 3 months till Jan, 2012 but only at Chatime. Eat Food Village Publika outlet. More info log on to NN . 

We had a great 'malam raya' BBQ, what a perfect Saturday indeed!

THE END...;-)

Luv: P
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