Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PUSS in BOOTS Premiere Screening

Last nite was the premiere screening for Puss in Boots at GSC One Utama. But the invite wasn't for me I mean, not me who won the free passes. Oh yeah its from Churp Churp and one of the lucky Churpers is.........tadaaa
Mr.Hubs! He was a lil bit 'overacting' for winning his first ever premiere tickets from Churp Churp *bluek* Its like..whateva as long as I got the chance to watch my sexayyy cutiey kitty...hahaha

"I am known by many names: the Ginger Hit Man, Chupacabra, Frisky Two Times..*I think there's one more name, can't remember* but to most I AM PUSS..."

Yess...Puss in Boots

Incase you're wondering weather he's the same Puss in Shrek yup this is 'HE' and this was his previous life long before he met Shrek...grew up in the orphanage of a small village in San Ricardo and met an 'egg' friend named:

Humpty Alexander Dumpty...

and later on....

Kitty Softpaws with no claws...

The funniest scene was the "Dance Fight" between Puss & Kitty...seriously LMAO and the bunch of chicky cats too.

Though some parts of the movie were a bit wordy and draggy...*ok for me but for kids maybe you'll lose their concentration for a while* No worries, very simple solution watch Puss in 3D then the kids would definitely enjoy every bit of it.

Everything will look bigger and real including these two ugly characters...

Jack & Jill

Overall, Puss,Humpty & Kitty were super duper cute and charming all along. Catch the 'latino kitty' at a cinema near you starting from tomorrow Nov 24. Hey, school holiday already started reason not to watch Puss and friends ;-)

Okiedokie..been trying to post this entry like hours ago while everybody was busy watching Harimau Malaya vs Syria anywhere else but here, the snail speed WiFi connection at this place was so bloody annoying...darn slow! Main Cause: Many users?! but not as crowded as the mamak stall. UniFi? Come on can't be that slow! Sigh

Nway, blamed it to the internet service provider for their poor connection coz mocha, cocao cappuccino, caramel frappuccino never failed me. Say yes to easy reload card above and treat it like cash. More info


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