Sunday, October 2, 2011

A ONEderful Birthday Bash...

Dilly-dally mengupdate entri & mengupload gambar dahpun masuk ke bulan October critera bulan September belum pun habis..haih! Seperti yang dijanjikan ni lah dia sepetang bersama si kecik chomel Evita Sofea during her Birthday Party @ Brem Park Condo on 18th September hari tu the same day with my sista, Lola's Birthday.

Tho she just turned ONE tapi Birthday Cake glam habis 2-tier Fondant Cake lagi...sweet colour combination & PINK triple Luv it!

Oh yeah the name at the bottom is actually Evita's cousin, Kasih she's ONE year 4months..
Cute kan cake tu belum tengok Birthday Gal, lagi cutie pie ;-)

Hey..heyy...Birthday Gal whatchudoin there? Ggerammnnyyaaaa...

Please stay for the cam nak tombang dah ni Evita!!

 "Its okay Aunty & Mommy go ahead snap snap...I'm just too busy with my balloons"...

*2nd attempt to make her look at the camera*
Wooooo..once she got excited haaaa...tekejut Aunty!!! 
Evita = so cute, Aunty =arrrrrrr...horrible in this pix *major sob*

 While the other children dok blakang their moms or dads sebab takutkan CLOWN ni but SHE! relax je...
clever gal, one brave lil kid!!

Meet the Parents...

This September Baby is so lucky to have this sweet couple as her parents...besok besar baca berita cam Mommy and jadik Artis Daddy kay...huhu

Group pix with KSAH's (Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid) gang....

Ohh yess! couple of days after the party, her mom tagged me on fb these few pix of Evita & our pressie...

Auuuwwww...Glad that she luvs Smurfy....about the same size with her huh :-) 

Here comes her gerrammmm moment with Smurfy...habis kena smackdown..hahahah

That's about it on Evita & her 1st Birthday Bash!  Next, Raya Open House with Tun M. Tungguuuuuuu kay!


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