Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shark Night

A long sigh...

Awesome trailer but a total disappointing movie of the century... eeerr maybe second after Fright Night! At least in Fright Night audiences enjoyed watching Colin Farrell, the hunk vampire *speaking of myself* but for this SHARK movie, oh goshhh, the only familiar face is Katharine McPhee & yet the worst acting of the bunch. In short, no storyline, unpopular main casts & for heaven sake, the shark attack so not real tho Mr.Hubs "tekejut-tekejut" a few times... lol

However, to be fair on the review, actually the first half hour of the movie was rather fun and promising especially the boat ride 'chasing' scene between the teens and the Sheriff. The remaining hours *yawn*...*cursing,laughing, WTH* huhuhu

Nway, my comments were not intended to stop you from watching Shark Night, different people may have different views and my dislike towards the movie won't make any difference at all. I'm just giving my sincere comments & put 'em down as my blog entry tonite ;-)

Thanks heaps to Nuffnang for being so generous this October! I'm lovin' it...

Just before the movie... we had early dinner at Little Penang Kafe Mid Valley and here's one photo of my no.1 fav drink or more like a dessert whenever I'm in Bangkok! Red Ruby really reminds me of the Cooking Class with a young Siamese Muslim Chef I attended during my Yellow Telco days. So much fun and great memories.

Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu frenz... have a great celebration with your loved ones. Fireworks??!... bring it on!!!!

"Expect the unexpected..."
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