Friday, September 30, 2011

SPA Time!

Hey Its already Flyday..I mean Friday!!! The weekend is coming then without us realising it one week has passed. Hmm...did you question yourself how much workload you have? Aren't you feelin' mentally tired and physically restless? Well, sometimes you just need a nice relaxing moment alone to ease yourself from all the stressfulness, hardwork or for me driving in KL has indeed given me a lot of 'STRESS' this particular week :-(

Stepping on this walkway has already given me the peace of mind....cehcehh over :-)))

All set for the facial SPA & massage...huhhhhhh BEST! Honestly, I wasn't really a SPA-type person before this but since I left the corporate world and now working from home I think I found some new interest in me such as cooking, baking and this one..SPA-ing haha. The correct word is I become too pampered and too relax with my current lifestyle as compared to few years back. Whateva it is I'm grateful with my life and seriously, I always do!

And.... these lil fishes or they usually call it "Garra Rufa" Fish SPA really interesting.  I kinda luv this tiny winy bites from those 'hungry' fishes which harmlessly attacking my feet!!! Just Geli-geli but no pain at all.  I WANT MORE...MOREEEEEEE PLEASEEE!

Hohooo... just can't wait to have  my next PERFECT 2-hr SPA Time at Herbaline *you may click  it & LIKE their fb page*  three weeks from today! Btw, mine was the Herbal Facial Spa for Dry & Aging *oopsy* skin with complimentary footbath, aromatherapy & fish spa @ RM88 only!

Nitey nite!

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