Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HyppTV Exclusive Bloggers' Party...

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Lets Partayyyy....!!!!

I was invited to HyppTV Bloggers' Party or to be exact was 'selected' among the 30 most creative blog entries *Read Here* to join for the party last Friday which was held at Neo Tamarind, KL *Photo Teaser* Cool huh! Who else but Nuffnang, Thanks Indeed!

My first time at Neo and we almost missed the left turn to the restaurant and luckily they have Valet Service at a nominal fee of only RM8 which I think its a 'must have' there for the convenience of the guests or customers.

As we walked up to the main entrance for registration and warmly greeted by Nuffies, the lovely Ms. Fresh who handed out the TM orange goodie bags to us (you'll definitely notice it later in the pic). Then, I bumped into a 'Pirate' of the 'Tamarind' I suppose.  Next, Elizabeth Swann look-a-like... oh-wow! That's not all, surprisingly a Lady Zoro was there too, later came  "Mad Hatter" from Alice Wonderland. All time fav fairy tale character, Little Red Riding Hood, a bloodsucking 'Countess Dracula' but seriously, she was more to a sweet looking Dracula Lady. Ooooo Lalala...I felt a lil bit underdressed for a moment.

Awesome, the HyppTV team members & some of the bloggers were really dressed for the Partayyy!  I wasn't in any costume that resembles a Hollywood Character neither a Catwoman or Patience Philip as I planned to and  obviously without mask or headgear, nothing extraordinaire but still, it didn't stop me to feel the hype and enjoyed the company of the bloggers.   One of them this sweet girl name Farah Bieber (she's 100% a 'Belieber' no doubts about it &  judging from her nick name as well) we just somehow 'click' & had a great time talking, and taking photos with the friendly TM staff especially the HyppTV product team members.

Me & Farah with Izal Ismail (Channel Act Mgr-TM)  
Thx to him for the informative input on the available Channels'-)

 Oh since my regular partner was away in Sibu last weekend 
My bro aka Boboy accompanied me to the party...

A nice  welcoming cocktail food & drinks,I have to highlight these two refreshing drinks: the Lemongrass and Tamarind Juice. Guess what?! Lemongrass has automatically become my latest favourite drink, luv the flavour so much since the Party! It goes perfectly with the cocktail menu of meatball, bruschetta & schrimp...absolutely CLASSY & COOL!  The Main Course, the touch of Tamarind Thai Cuisine, though most of the chafing dish needed a refill at the time I was queuing for my food but my two fav dishes: the green curry & Tomyam save the day.  Slurrpp...yummy!

Hey..look who's there too? Abg Nara the blog owner of the most popular Beautiful Nara...

Apart from the energetic entertainment from the TM staff band members and The Vice President Group Corporate Comms as the lead singer, I was totally IMPRESSED!  She actually has a good voice, not bad at all.  Also the smooth running of the activities conducted,  the peak of the party,  the "Amazing Race" as they called it was really fun especially the snapshots from the paparazzi with Polaroid!! Everyone was busy completing the 3 given Tasks and getting it stamped by the HyppTV team.

Though I didn't win the Grand Prize or any other prizes in the listed category as usual not  so 'Lucky' and obviously not eligible for the Best Dress.  What's important is  the valuable exposure about HyppTV from 7:00pm till 10:00pm. Suddenly every channels & info become so clear and interesting, VOD (ohh..thats Video on Demand), Live TV & Inter@ctive.  The New Premium Channels, WarnerTV, Universal Channel HD, SyFy Universal, Fox Crime HD, so many others and its creating a lot of hype and already celebrating its ONE year anniversary with 60,000 Hypp Subs! Double Thumbs Up for the fast growing and success.

pic credit to Farah Bieber  (including those two with Izal & Abg Nara above) Tq...Farah darling!

In fact, in the middle of  writing this blog, my Uncle from Subang just called  to inform us on his new house number..I was like Okay!! You could just text us for that but actually what he really wanted to tell us was, he just got connected with UniFi and HyppTV, that's the exciting part.   A'aha! another subscriber in the family and looks like I'll be the last to have it. TM...please  hear my 'prayers'  do expand your radar to our township as fast as you can. I can't wait to 'party' with my own HyppTV Live from Home!!!

All I can say for now......

please mind the horrible handwriting :-(

Hypp Hypp Horeh ^;^

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