Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zizan Nin at Lewre, Mid Valley....

Harooooo Peepol!!!!

I was on offline mode from Blogosphere for about errrr...aisay a WEEK = 7 quiet days only not even a MONTH but even that, I already missed it like crazy! Not that I have  lotsa things to update, maybe quite used to the routine of blogging on the daily activities in life *thinking-ye ker?* ^-^ from the itsy bitsy stuff to whateva i feel like it. After a year and a half of doing so i think I'm in LOVE with this hobby.  No sweat and hardwork involved, just one important component 'Ms.IDEA'. Otherwise I'll be talking rubbish in my entry or the easiest way 'Photo Blog' *macam tak biasa..hiks*

Alrite better cut it short on the intro, running too long already. So....what's with the big title up there?!  Before that, I believe you know who is Zizan Nin right? A'aaa you've must have seen him somewhere on TV or commercial.  Nways, we were invited by Zizan and of coz by Aquila Emas to join Zizan and his fans at Lewre Boutique MidValley, some sort of an "Up Close & Personal" session kind a thing with the Media as well. 

Ohh yeah..just for the record , this meet the fans & small get together with frenz (including us) took place last Sunday, 16th May!

Since the program starts as early as 10am and as you all know there's something about me & my hair.  As usual salon appointment comes 1st...da..da..da..da...we were they at 11nish, plus the parking nightmare at Mid Valley on a weekend!!! *Sorry guyz didn't mean to be rude or purposely being casually late for any event or party*.  Just the HAIR nothing else.

At that time...Diva@1 (RTM) was interviewing Zizan & Dato' Lewre (founder & owner)

More pix?? Wokayyy... but this time me and this cutie pie EVITA SOFIA (soon to be a well known actress/singer) 

 TaDa...this is SHE, Baby Evita ;-) Aquila Emas's (Syarizan & Yantie) precious daughter
The last time I saw her when she was 1month old & now she's already 8months...Time flies super fast!
(Just click her name above to see her newborn pic) 

 with Evita's Mommy, Yantie & the ever gorgeous Hani... the shawty one in the middle tho with 3" heels :-(

suddenly I realised there's no photo of my hubs here or anywhere at the event...oopsss! busy being my personal photographer, kesian dia, tapi dia 'camera shy' type pun ahaks *alasan*
one more thing we're the "Orange" club & that was the Theme colour (my orangie hardly seen..mmm) 
Thanks guyz for the lovely invite! It was nice catchin' up with the lovely ladies too *smiley*  Oh..they also arranged a 'surprise' birthday celebration for Zizan at Secret Recipe, Mid Valley right after the main event. 

Hey might be interested in reading this: mStar

Enjoy the weekend! Nitey nite... muahhhhhhh


Gadish Lollipop said...

suka nya kakak saya sorang ni :)

Posh said...

hehe...jumpa kengkawan happy sokmo;-)

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